Dear Gaza …..

I finally have the courage to pick up my pen and write down my feelings on paper … My hand is shaking.. I don’t know where to begin.. But I will begin and I will let my tears do the writing for me …

Dear Gaza,

Forgive me …..

Today marks the 19th day of this inhumane and unjust war on you. This war that has left you brutally wounded.. This war that has taken away your innocent children, your mothers, your fathers, your young men… It has taken away the walls of your schools where generations were taught… it has taken away the walls of your hospitals where the sick were given hope… It has taken away the voices of your children playing outside with their ball and replaced it with screams of fear… It has taken away the sound of your athan calling your people to come pray … It has wiped off some of your families, as if they never existed. All this was taken away from you violently, no questions asked, no explanations given. For Israel is simply defending itself!

What are you defending yourself from Oh Israel? Was that 4 year old that you shred into pieces last night really such a threat to you? What about that unborn child in its mother’s womb, the one that hasn’t even taken its first breath of life yet? Was he the threat? Or were you defending yourself from the paralysed and comatose patients you bombed in the hospital? Were they the threat? How many children will you take away from us for you to feel that you have removed this ‘threat’.

يا أمه ضحكت من جهلها الامميا أمه ضحكت من جهلها الامم

                  يا أمه ضحكت من جهلها الامم  

Oh Israel!! Don’t you understand? You can bomb, you can destroy, you can kill and take lives by the dozen. But you will never be able to take away what’s in our hearts… You will never take away the eternal love we have with this land… You will never take away the spiritual connection we have with this land…
As hard as you try… Year after year … decade after decade… deaths upon deaths… You will never succeed in erasing our history, you will never have peace of mind.. For this is our land, the land of our ancestors, the land of our olive trees. The land that you polluted with your people, your hate and your violence.

You’ve kept us in Gaza in a cage, like animals in a zoo. No rights to basic human needs. Most densely populated spot in the world! No one is allowed to enter or exit, not from your side and certainly not from the other side… You played the game well! You have our leaders bowing to you, you stripped away our dignity. Days spent at the borders to leave the Gaza strip for work or medical aid, and you can simply turn us back, back to our cage.. Simply because we are Palestinian! What crime have we committed? You played the game well! You planted your seeds in Palestine and you spread your branches all over the Arab world! In every spot of our lands, we smell your filthy presence.

كلما تذكرت ان الطائرات التي تقصف غزة تطير بنفط عربي اكره عروبتي

 كلما تذكرت ان الطائرات التي تقصف غزة تطير بنفط عربي اكره عروبتي

Wake up oh leaders of this ummah! Wake up from your beauty sleep! Look at the state we have reached! Have you seen our men sleeping on the ground on the streets? Have you heard the cries of our mothers over their dead children? Do you feel our pain? Are you even there?
Wake up oh leaders of this ummah!! Wake up before we witness the day when the Israeli flags are on top of our kabaa and our Masjed Al Aqsa is brought to rubbles just like the masajed in Gaza!

How many lives will it take to move you? Have you no fear from the one watching you?

And to you Gaza,

Forgive me, for words on paper is all I have to offer you. Forgive me Gaza I couldn’t hold you in my arms and give you hope for a better tomorrow. Forgive me for I have been away from you all my life.

Forgive me, Forgive us, forgive humanity…, for it has failed you..


من قلب المعاناه

من قلب المعاناه، تكتب احدى أقاربي عن آلامهم في غزه ….

الحياة في غزه شبه معدومه مش حعرف اعبرلك كتير عن مدى المعاناة اللي بنعيشها…. حياه كلها خوف من المجهول… بنام على أمل انه نصحى…. بنتشاهد على روحنا قبل ما نام تحسبا انه يجينا صاروخ واحنا نايمين… بالنهار الناس معظمها بتكون ببيوتها ماحدش بيطلع اﻻ المضطر اللي بدو يشتري غرض لﻻوﻻده….. واحنا بموسم رمضان لما بيطلع الواحد بنضل قلقانين عليه لما يرجع ونطمن انه صار بالبيت خوف مايصير قصف قريب من المكان اللي هوه رايح يشتري منه… بنخاف على اوﻻدنا يلعبوا بساحة البيت مش عايشين حياتهم زي أي اطفال في العالم .

موقفي من العرب طول ما العرب مسلميين رقبتهم لﻻمريكان والصهاينه عمرنا ما حننتصر على الصهاينه وﻻ حنقدر نرجع بﻻدنا…. اكتر اشي بيعرفوا يعملوه انهم بنامو في اجتماعاتهم العربيه….

بدناش منهم اشي بس مايضغطوش علينا علشان نتنازل عن حقنا في الحياة …. اتمنى انى نطلع من هادي الحرب بكل اللي بنتمناه…. نعيش زي الشعوب الحره ونعيش بأمان بدون خوف على أرواحنا وبيوتنا…. نسافر بدون اي عقبات، فكو الحصار عنا.

هي حياتنا من يوم ما وعينا على هالدنيا.