Rest in peace …

I don’t know you, I’ve never met you, I’ve never even heard of your names, before today…

But today, I meet you for the first time in my life ….

Three beautiful, bright souls, so young, so talented and so full of life. Sadly, I only met you because your lives were taken away, so brutally, so violently, by an act of pure hatred and racism.

Deah, 23 year old dental school student. Yosur, Deah’s wife, 21 year old dental school student. Razan, 19 year old architecture student. Deah and Yosur, you just got married last December. Maybe you were planning to have a baby or maybe you wanted to wait till you were done university. The world will never know your children….. Deah, you were working on a project called ‘Refugee smiles’, you were planning a trip this summer to Turkey to help Syrian refugees get their smiles back by volunteering to fix their teeth. The world will never see the smiles you fixed…. Razan, you’re talented and creative, the world will never see what amazing work you could have done …

I sometimes wonder what kind of a world we live in? I lose faith in humanity, I lose faith in doing good, because even when you’re heart is pure and you’re on the right path and you live your life in the service of others, you are still a target for hate crime.

Today I mourn, I scream, I cry tears of pain for the lives of these young souls. They could have been my daughters, they could have been my friends, they could have been my family members.

And where is the media?  How many seconds of media coverage did this get? Are we not as worthy as those killed in France? As those killed in Sydney? As those killed in any part of the world? I don’t see the media bombarding us for hours and days about this, I still haven’t heard about this being a terrorist attack, I still don’t know which group he belongs to, who inspired him to do it, who his friends are, what his nationality is, where his ancestors are from, which exact date did his ancestors  enter the United States of America. Oh that’s right, who cares!

Till when will we live this hypocrisy, this ignorance, this double standards of whose life is more valued than the other. Muslim lives matter. Muslim lives matter. Muslim lives matter. We are not just numbers. Muslim lives matter.

Terrorism has no gender, no race, no religion.

I know I don’t know you, but I am truly blessed that I got a small glimpse of your lives. I know I can’t  fix your smile and bring it back  Deah. I know I will never see your children Yosur. I know I will never see a building you designed Razan. But I want you to know that your pictures will forever be with me. You didn’t die because of war, or because of famine or disease. You died because you were hated, simply because you were a Muslim trying to do good in this world. And for that you will forever be remembered.

Rest in peace in a place much better than the place we live in…



One thought on “Rest in peace …

  1. Beautiful words Dalool – and so very true. La 7awla wala kuwata illa billah. Inshalah Allah swt has granted them a resting place in the highest of heavens. May He swt grant their loved ones patience and may the coward of a killer be brought to justice!! Such a horrible and cruel world we live in 😦 ina lillahi wa ina ilayhi raji3oon 😢

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